The Benefit of Candles and Herbal Healing

The Benefit of Candles and Herbal Healing I want to discuss The benefit of candles and herbal healing. The meaning of the assorted colors of candles, the different scents of essential oils and the power of precious gemstones and how all these ingredients, combined and independently can have life changing affects to your mind, body, […]


CANDLE RECIPE INGREDIENTS “Menu” Rooms are sacred spaces and deserve to have amazing additions! 💖🕯 This coconut-lavender blend offers an exotic blend and relaxation. The warm vanilla scent is soft and enticing. The mango scent offers a colorful fruit blend. My candles offer calmness, positive vibes, and great decoration to change the energy in a room. They […]

Infusing herbal water

Infusing herbal water There’s two methods in doing this, cold water or hot water. “Hot” extraction is used to extract herbs from a carrier oil. As some herbs require heat to extract, this method can also be used if you need the remedy sooner. Boiling or overheating the oil will alter the chemical compounds of […]


GEMSTONES AND HEALING PROPERTIES AGATE: THE STABILIZER, STABILITY, GROUNDING, SUPPORTIVE   Agate’s grounding energy can help you establish stability in your life if one aspect is going well while another seems out of control. Slowly but surely, this crystal helps you build up your strengths and diminish your weaknesses with acceptance. Agate’s ability to increase […]

Moringa Oil

    Moringa oil for hair and skin                                        There are commercially-produced products, such as Herbal Essences Golden Moringa Oil for hair, that may provide easy-access benefits. You can also create a skin or hair care oil […]