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Peppermint Candles

White is purity symbolizes pure energy, healing, and clarity. Creating a space of peace and comfort to reside in.

Yellow is of intelligence and truth. Aiding you to learn more about yourself or tap into your creativity.

Red keep negative energy away.

Blue when you need to find tranquility and protection.

Peppermint has a long history of use in folk medicine and aromatherapy. Instantly gives a cooling sensation used as a topical, it can relieve body tension and sore muscles, because of its soothing, calming effect. Manage stress and nervousness, helps calm mental fatigue. few drops to water can reduce nausea by just inhaling it.

TIP: The natural oil in peppermint provides pain relief for those with IBS. It also has potent anti-nausea effects when used in aromatherapy.

Rosemary Can Help Prevent Allergies and Nasal Congestion, the active ingredient in rosemary is called Rosmarinus acid has been shown to suppress allergic responses and nasal congestion, shown to suppress allergy symptoms, The number of immune cells in nasal mucus also decreased, with reduced congestion. enhance mental function and memory, the leaves were supposed to quicken the mind and prevent forgetfulness. 



If your life constantly feels out of balance, with one aspect going well while another spins out of control, use agate to establish stability with its grounding energy.  With increased concentration and confidence, agate makes it easier to focus on what is good in your life, so that you can heal from mistakes and bring harmony to everything you do.

The stone has the power to harmonious yin and yang, positive and negative forces that maintain equilibrium in the universe. It is also known to cleanse and stabilize the aura, stimulate and strengthen our analytical capabilities, encouraging us to think clearly and concentrate on daily activities.

Healing Properties:                                                                                                                                                                        Along with its supportive energy, with signature bands made up of mineral deposits, a combination of igneous rock with silica deposits found in groundwater and the otherworldly bands, give this semi-precious stone its trademark appearance. Its availability in different colors, including a palette of white, purple, black, gray, yellow, pink, red, and brown is what gives the Agate crystal healing properties incredibly powerful grounding abilities.